Student Support

Pre-enrolment support

At Pearson Institute we understand that going to university can be overwhelming. We know that as students you have plenty of questions and difficult decisions to make. We are also aware that there will be times when you need extra advice and guidance. For this reason, we offer a number of support services and facilities to help you before you enroll and during your studies with us.

Higher Education Consultants (HECs)

We have a team of expert education consultants who are there to offer all the information and support you need before you enroll. You can chat with them on the phone or arrange a meeting on campus. In consultation with you and your sponsor, they provide:

  • Information on our faculties, qualifications and programmes
  • Details on our campuses, facilities, services and teaching methods
  • Guidance on selecting a qualification aligned to your interests and career objectives
  • Advice on career opportunities in the market
  • Registration, admission and application procedures
  • Information on open days and pre-enrolment events

Student support: once you have enrolled

Student Advisors

Student advisors are at the heart of our student support services. Every campus has a team of dedicated Student Advisors. They are there to support you on your learning journey from enrolment right through to graduation. Your allocated Student Advisor is there to assist with general queries or difficulties you may be experiencing. If they are unable to help, they will steer you towards the specialised support you may need, be it academic, financial or personal.

Counselling support

As a student, you may have difficulties or anxieties of a personal or emotional nature. Your Student Advisor is the first person you can turn to, they will be able to direct you to the right person or school for further help. At selected campuses where the Bachelor of Psychology is offered, we have counselling services available to students.

Because of our collaborative and personal approach to learning, over and above our formal support structures, our lecturers, tutors and the Student Representative Council are always available to offer guidance where they can. You will also find that you develop very strong friendships with other students because of the inclusive nature of our environment, and they will be there to help you too.