Facilities, Resources and Services

Given our strategic imperative of developing tech savvy, productive graduates who are ready for the world of work, we have developed all our facilities, resources and services to meet this objective. Our dynamic learning environment emulates the modern workplace and digital technology enhances our academic activities.

Academic Facilities

Internet access

All our campuses have wireless networks, offering you flexible access to online resources.

Resource and study centres

Our resource centres provide you with information technology (IT), library and media facilities and services. There are a variety of individual and group learning spaces to accommodate different types of study. Here you will be able to prepare for assignments, conduct research and do independent study. You’ll have access to online resources, books, newspapers, journals, videos, photocopying and printing.

Psychology facilities

As a psychology student, you have access to facilities like assessment and evaluation centres, one-way glass observation rooms and counselling rooms.

Computer labs

We have IT labs with desktop computers connected to a local area network, to give you further opportunities to practise your computer skills and enhance your studying. If you are studying towards a qualification in IT, you have access to computer facilities for practise and assessment as well as cluster workspace setups.

Multimedia computer labs

If you are studying journalism or public relations, we have purpose built multimedia computer labs with design and editing software. In these labs, you also have access to resources such as daily and weekly newspapers, video, photographic and audio equipment and satellite television.

Lecture venues

We have modern lecture venues with audio-visual facilities, to accommodate different group sizes and different qualification and programme requirements.

Science labs

If you are studying in the School of Science and Computer Science at our Midrand campus, you have access to fully equipped science labs.

Design studios

As a graphic design student, you will be able to develop your design skills in our drawing, design and photographic studios. You will also have access to our purpose built multimedia computer labs with design and editing software.

Practical Application Facilities

Student newspaper

As a journalism student, you will be able to contribute to the student newspaper, the Flame. The newspaper is produced entirely by journalism students.

Art gallery

If you are studying the creative arts, our Midrand campus has an art gallery for student displays and exhibitions.

Legal Advice and Training Centre

As a law student at our Midrand campus, you will be able to volunteer at the Legal Advice and Training Centre, which provides free legal advice to students as well as the community.

Counselling units

If you are studying psychology, you will be able to volunteer at our counselling unit, where we offer counselling to students and the community.

Other Facilities

Sports facilities

For those of you that love to play sport, our Midrand campus has a range of sports facilities including soccer, netball, volleyball, swimming and outdoor chess. Because all our campuses are in central locations, for those of you at other campuses, you have access to many off-campus sporting facilities and clubs in the area where you choose to study.


All our campuses offer a place for you to refuel, unwind and catch up with your friends. Whether you need to eat something on the move, or whether you have time to relax between lectures, our canteens are conveniently situated to suit you.


As students, you need peace of mind while you are on campus. We provide a safe environment with security on all our campuses.


For those of you with your own cars, we have secure but limited parking, depending on the campus. We encourage you to use public transport and where possible to share car pools.