Employability Centre

Pearson Institute Employability Centre

Most universities have a career centre which help students find part-time jobs or full time work after university or assist with CV writing, interview skills etc. At Pearson Institute we take this one step further through our Employability Centres. We teach our graduates ‘Real world ready’ skills, such as:

  • Financial Skills (How to create wealth, stay out of debt)
  • Entrepreneurship Skills (Creating job opportunities, pitching and running sustainable businesses)
  • Emotional Intelligence and Resilience
  • Technical skills specific to their industry
  • Strength Finders and Career Assessments

As a result, our graduates adjust easily into the work environment through the skills developed through our Employability Centres. We place an extremely high emphasis on the quality of our graduates, and through our Employability programme our graduates leave Pearson Institute at a level where they can seamlessly adjust to the workplace. We have developed great relationships with industry, and our graduates are sought after within a number of sectors within the graduate employment marketplace.