Pearson Institute Alumni

Even after you graduate, there are lifelong benefits to having studied with us. You will automatically become a member of our alumni, which opens up a wealth of career, support and networking opportunities. Through this association of former students, you can stay connected with our institutions and with other professionals from around the globe. We also conduct an Annual Graduate Destination Survey with our alumni, to give us insights into what they are doing. This means we can review and improve our current offerings to stay relevant and to keep our promise of producing real world ready graduates.

Join the Pearson Institute Alumni Network

Pearson Institute of Higher Education has a thriving Alumni community, offering numerous benefits to Pearson Institute graduates. Alumni get access to an array of opportunities and benefits, including:

- Online Alumni platform
- Events
- Career guidance
- Social Media Platforrms
- Publications

Our Online Alumni Platform gives graduates an opportunity to receive news, opinions and opportunities from across the globe. If you are a Pearson Institute graduate and would like to join the alumni network, email in order for us to give you membership.

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