Student Life

Share experiences, make friends, discover new interests

At PI, we believe in a balance of hard work and fun. For this reason, we give you plenty of opportunities to grow and develop your talents beyond the lecture room and to simply have a good time. Aligned to our goal of producing well-rounded students who are real world ready, we want your student experience to be as exciting and motivating as possible.

Because our campuses are in different locations, offer a variety qualifications and programmes, and have different student numbers, each campus has something unique to offer. We also have students from many countries and from diverse backgrounds, so you are able to interact with a range of interesting students. Within the context of academic quality first, we have a range of sporting, social, cultural, industry and community activities that define student life, on and off campus. We encourage you to make the most of your time with us by trying new things, talking to different people and challenging your existing ideas.