Academic excellence

A commitment to changing lives through learning
Pearson Institute pursues excellence in its teaching and learning and aspires to improve lives through providing accessible, high-quality higher education resulting in employable graduates who advance knowledge and serve society. Our vision is to be the leading private higher education provider in southern Africa.

We have been pioneers in higher education since our inception in 1989 and we have always believed that providing accessible, relevant and quality higher education is the pathway to a career that is meaningful and rewarding. Over the years, we have developed industry appropriate degrees with an emphasis on practical, experiential and interactive teaching and learning methods.

Our mission inspires us to find new ways of teaching and it shapes our curricula, qualification and programme development. Within this context, we developed Foundation Programmes to bridge the gap between school and higher education. The principles that guide us connect us as an institution and you as a student, to individuals, to communities and to the world, so that you can change lives and serve society.

An institution that promotes academic excellence
From qualification accreditations, to international recognition, to industry affiliations, we ensure you receive an education that is of a world-class standard. In addition, we have the following structures, authorities and events in place, to ensure we offer you a qualification that is quality assured, reviewed regularly and highly relevant:

The Senate
The Senate is the supreme academic authority, which governs all our academic endeavours. It is responsible for developing, reviewing and quality assuring our teaching and assessment methods, qualification structures, curricula, research practices and policies. Senate members include Pearson, Pearson Institute senior management, Deans of Faculty and academic staff from within Pearson Institute and from other institutions and partnership universities such as UNISA.

The Senate advises the Management Committee, the CEO and the Managing Director, who use its recommendations on broad and specific academic matters. It is a platform for discussions and decisions that impact on the institution, academic staff and students. It is also the key forum for academic staff to discuss internal matters as well as external government, economic and industry issues.

Pearson Institute Research Indaba
At Pearson Institute, we are proud to have initiated, and to now host, an annual event that promotes hands-on academic research. We provide a platform for Pearson Institute staff and students, as well as colleagues from other universities, to discuss and share a range of information on research-related issues.

In this highly inspiring and trusted environment, participants are able to share research information and to discuss and present their own research projects to prepare for local and international conferences. They also get the opportunity to develop their own research skills and to network with a range of academics and industry professionals.

Just as we have been the first in many areas of higher education in South Africa, our Research Indaba is also a first, as we have started demystifying the concept of academic research. We have opened up the debate and highlighted how research needs to be relevant and more accessible.

As much as we are an education-led institution, we are convinced that research by universities and higher education institutions like our own, is crucial to finding solutions to societies’ challenges. We have also demonstrated that research can be a unifier in the lives of professionals and academics.

Our excellence extends beyond campus
At Pearson Institute, we believe in developing socially responsible students and in helping communities in need. We don’t just want to inspire your learning, we are ready to improve other people’s lives and serve society through our social responsibility initiatives and through good corporate citizenship. We have a number of policies in place, and programmes underway, that connect us to individuals and groups. These resources and services have a huge impact both socially and educationally on communities.

We have ongoing campus-led charity projects and charity drives to collect food and clothes for under privileged groups. We are contributors to organisations like the SMILE foundation. Within our formal curricula and programmes, we have projects to help different non-profit and non-government organisations and businesses.

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