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Faculty of Commerce and Law

Marketing Management

Bachelor of Marketing Management

Are you fascinated by why people buy certain brands and how the economy impacts on business?  Are you that unique person who is creative and has a head for commerce?

Career opportunities
• Advertising: sales, consulting, management
• Marketing: analysis, consulting, management
• Media planning
• Research
• Sales

Tourism Management

Bachelor of Tourism Management

If you dream of traveling to far away places and are fascinated by cultures and people. By choosing this degree, you will be part of one of the fastest growing industries in the world?

Career opportunities:
• Eco-tourism planning and management
• Event management
• Strategic tourism and management
• Tour and travel operations

Bcom Accounting

Bachelor of Accounting

Have you always had a talent for money matters? Are you the person your friends come to with accounting problems and you love figuring out how to solve them? Then the BCom (Accounting) degree is perfect for you.

Career opportunities:
• Auditing
• Budgeting
• Financial management
• Tax consulting
• Accounting: Chartered, financial,
cost and management

Business Administration

Bachelor of Business Administration

Do you spot business trends and opportunities
before anyone else and are you constantly thinking of new ways of making money? The BBA is a broad qualification that prepares you for business in any sector.

Career opportunities:
• Business administration
• Business consulting
• Economist
• Entrepreneurship
• Management

Bcom HR Management

Bachelor of HR Management

Are you a born communicator and find it easy to interact with people? If you have integrity and you believe that all people should be treated fairly, our BCom (Human Resource Management) will put all these traits to good use.

Career opportunities:
• Human resource management and consulting
• Personnel consulting
• Recruitment
• Training and development
• Employment relations management and

Bcom Law

Bachelor of Law

Are you looking for a versatile business degree with a focus on law? Are you highly organised, good with numbers and fine print? This degree could be just for you.

Career opportunities:
• Business administration
• Management
• Entrepreneurship
• Politics
• Banking


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We, Pearson Institute of Higher Education ("PIHE") in collaboration with the regulators, are working on transferring CTI qualifications to be offered by PIHE and we trust to receive approval in the foreseeable future.

All Higher Certificates fare credited by CTI and offered on, these programmes are not offered on the PIHE Midrand Campus.

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Faculty of Applied Science

Bsc Biotechnology

Bachelor of Biotechnology Management

Are you curious about how the world will manage and solve the biological, biomedical and agricultural challenges of the future? Are you as excited by research and investigation as you are by commerce and management? This degree could be just for you.

Career opportunities:
• Academia and Research
• Plant, agricultural and waste management
• Project management
• Scientific communications
• Technical positions in laboratories and production
• Technical positions in the food industry
• Technical sales

Bsc Bio Medicine

Bachelor of Biomedicine

Does the thought of solving the biomedical challenges of the twenty-first century inspire you? Are you eager to put on a lab coat and figure out how the cells of the human, animal and plant kingdom work? Then our BSc (Biomedicine) is perfect for you.

Career opportunities:
• Scientific Communications
• Technical positions in laboratories
• Project Management
• Academia and research
• Technical sales


Bsc Computer Science

Bachelor of Computer Science

If the IT innovations of the twenty-first century inspire you and you love the concept of combining coding, programming, communications, maths and even entrepreneurship, then the BSc (Computer Science) is perfect for you.

Career opportunities:
• Database administration
• IT management
• Network administration
• Programming
• Software development
• Specialist positions in enterprise architecture and open systems
• Project administration
• Systems analysis

Bsc Informatics

Bachelor of Informatics

If investigating business problems and designing information systems to solve them intrigues you, studying a BSc (Informatics) is a unique degree that combines all the disciplines of IT, commerce, management and human computer interactions.

Career opportunities:
• Business analysis
• Database administration
• IT management
• Project management
• Software development
• Specialist positions in IT
• Systems analysis


Bsc Internet Communication

Bachelor of Internet Communication

Are you looking for a degree that combines your passion for computers, the web, as well as writing? Our unique BSc (Internet Communication) is the perfect fit for you, as it is a blend of web-based IT communications, and technical writing.

Career opportunities:
• Journalism
• Network administration
• Technical liaison
• Technical writing
• Web design
• Web development
• Web editing


Centre for Foundation Programmes

The Centre for Foundation Programmes is a vibrant, progressive and supportive unit that offers two programmes, namely the Pre-degree Foundation Programme and the English Language Foundation Programme. These Foundation Programmes bridge the gap between school and post-school education by developing your academic skills, knowledge and behaviours, all essential to higher education success.

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Pre-Degree Foundation Programme

Pre-degree Foundation Programme

The Pre-degree Foundation Programme gives you the opportunity to bridge the gap between school and higher education in a highly supportive environment. You will develop the required academic and English skills to enter a variety of our degree programmes.

English Language Foundation Programme

English Language Foundation Programme

If you did not complete your secondary schooling in English or if English is not your home language then this foundation programme is for you. We use unique teaching methods and offer a very supportive environment to enhance your learning success and your ability to participate in lectures, research, tutorials, presentations, group projects and assessments in your degree studies.

CTi Qualifications and Programmes

Bachelor of Commerce and Law

Bachelor of Commerce

Bachelor of Science Information Technology

Higher Certificate Business Management

Higher Certificate in Mastering Learning Methodology

Higher Certificate in Information