How does the Foundation Programme Prepare You for Degree Studies?

Preparation to Study

Most modules include class activities and practical exercises as a preparation for formative assessments. The instruction and guidance given is more detailed than in a degree module and builds up to degree level by the end of the year. Facilitators use lecturing, tutoring, group and individual work as part of their strategies. Academic support is built into the modules.

This programme not only provides academic preparation, but includes personal development and skills which play a significant role in higher education success and life in general.

Evidence shows that many students who successfully completed the Foundation Programme perform well in their degree studies. In some cases they outperform students who went directly into degree studies.

How do we ensure that this programme is of the highest academic standard?

This programme is externally moderated and reviewed by similar Higher Education institutions. Students who progress from this programme are tracked during their degree studies and are invited to give feedback so that this programme continues to meet the needs of students. This programme is offered against NQF level 5 criteria and is subject to regular curriculum review.

Success stories/ Case studies

MGI, now Pearson Institute of Higher Education Alumnus, Andani Masikhwa (24) is a former Foundation Programme and BSC Computer Science graduate who obtained his degree with cum laude. He obtained twenty-one distinctions, four certificates of excellence for having an average of 75%, four certificates of merit for an having an average of 80% and above four certificates of achievement for an average of 70% and above , and best database achievement recipient in his 3rd year IT project.

Andani is a former MGI now Pearson Institute of Higher Education tutor in Computer Skills, Software development, former ZCC fellowship person, and now currently working as an IT Risk and Assurance auditor for the world’s third largest accounting auditing firm, Ernst and Young.

“I cannot underestimate the role of MGI in my formation as an individual and preparing me for work life. It is here where I learned to understand the value of academic success and the importance of my skills development. The tertiary years were an essential part of my life: it taught me to be social, work hard and to take onus of my life. MGI really prepared me well for the job market and the IT industry. When I went to interview I was able to relate and answer all the questions that were being posed to me. MGI has prepared me to work diligently and to act professionally. Business English course in first year was really beneficial, it taught me how to dress for the industry, how to communicate and even how to write professionally.”

“I had made many friends at MGI, and we continue to support each other even so many years after graduation. Communicating with them, I see that my success in life is not accidental - the majority of my ex-classmates have also succeeded. I’m inclined to think that the common denominator was our experience at MGI, which faceted us like diamonds (without false modesty). When we joined Ernst and Young in 2013 there were four of us. We joined in January 2013 and by June we all promoted, which shows how MGI had prepared and equipped us with the skills set to succeed in the business world”.

Andani is furthering his education with Rhodes University and has future ambitions of starting up a software development company.

How does the programme benefit you?

• Academic support throughout the year;
• Exposure to different degree streams;
• Develops digital skills;
• Produces degree ready students.
• Provides access to PI degrees,
o Especially for math literacy or low math marks;
o Additional support for second language English students.