Bachelor of Business Administration

Qualification duration

Minimum: 3 years

Maximum: 6 years


Qualification start date

First intake: 4

February Second intake: 25 March

Qualification description

The multidisciplinary nature of this degree prepares you for work in many areas of business and is an excellent foundation for careers in commerce, marketing, human resource management.

This qualification is board and comprehensive. It provides you with a sound understanding of, and skills in administering and managing a business in any sector. You will cover core modules such
as Business Management, Economics, Project Management, Business Ethics, Business Law and Financial Management. You also cover subject areas such as Business English and Computer Skills, as well as a choice of specialist elective groups with major subjects. Because of our degree’s unique emphasis on application, you will select, conduct and present a research project and complete Work Integrated Learning (WIL) projects.

The success of our Bachelor of Business Administration lies in its flexibility of subject choice, a curriculum that is relevant and ahead of trends, our Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) environment and a teaching staff with both business and academic experience. By introducing you to research, we are also preparing you for honours studies, a unique offering in undergraduate degrees. This blended approach ensures that you graduate with essential work skills such as critical thinking, being innovative and adaptable to change, effective problem solving, working to deadlines, collaborating in team situations and communicating effectively.

Pearson Institute’s newly structured flexible study programmes

The programmes will allow for a flexible study pace, which will permit certain students to complete the programme in the space of two years.The degree programmes are the first of their kind in South Africa and showcase Pearson Institute’s modern, innovative approach to learning. The shorter duration of two years will allow graduates of the programme to enter the job market sooner,as well as save on the logistical and day to day costs of a year of studies.Through innovative and efficient use of time and timetabling, Pearson Institute, students are able to complete this degree programme within the duration of two years. This saves you time, a year of study and allows you to enter the job market a year earlier.

Entry requirements

  • You need a South African National Senior Certificate (NSC) with Bachelor degree entry or an equivalent foreign secondary qualification on an NSC level with Bachelor degree entry approved by Universities South Africa (USAF).


  • If you have an international school-leaving certificate, you need to provide a certificate of exemption issued by Universities South Africa (USAF).


  • You should have successfully completed the relevant Pearson Institute foundation programme. On successful completion of the foundation programme, students are required to apply to Universities South Africa (USAF) for a certificate of exemption in order to be admitted to a degree programme.


  • You should have successfully completed a relevant higher certificate qualification. On successful completion of the higher certificate, students are required to apply to Universities South Africa (USAF) for a certificate of exemption in order to be admitted to a degree programme.


  • You need 25 or more Pearson Institute points.

Qualification accreditation

  • Accredited by the Higher Education Quality Committee (HEQC) of the Council on Higher Education (CHE).
  • Registered with the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA).

Possible career options

Does the prospect of managing a business inspire you?

The career choices for you, as a Bachelor of Business Administration graduate, are varied and employment options include:

  • Business administration
  • Business consulting
  • Economist
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Management