Bachelor of Commerce in Law

Admission and Accreditation

You need a South African National Senior Certificate (NSC) for degree purposes.


if you have an international school-leaving certificate, you need to qualify for matric exemption from the Matriculation Board. Pearson Institute will assist with your exemption application to the Board for evaluation.


you need to have successfully completed the relevant Foundation Programme.


you need at least 25 Pearson Institute admission points.

Calculation of points


 90% - 100% 

 80% - 89% 

 70% - 79% 

 60% - 69%

 50% - 59% 

 40% - 49% 

 30% - 39% 

 0% - 29%

Pearson Institute Points









Qualification Accreditation

Accredited by the South African Higher Education Quality Committee (HEQC) of the Council on Higher Education (CHE).

Registered with the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA).

Career Options

The careers for you, as a Bachelor of Commerce in Law graduate, are varied and include:

Business administration

Qualification facilities and campuses


The qualification is offered at the Midrand Campus

Additional notes / comments / information

Students who did not complete their secondary schooling in English as the language of teaching and learning or who are uncertain about their English language skills are advised to do an English course to prepare them for degree studies.

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