Faculty of Commerce and Law

Experience a world of business or prepare for a career in law

Given the complexity of modern society and the global nature of the business environment, commerce and law are important to multiple sectors such as accounting, banking, investment, retail, tourism, politics, management and information technology. Our commerce degrees prepare you for any number of business-related careers and for participation in the global economy. Our law degrees prepare you for work in a variety of industries or for legal practise.

All our Bachelor of Commerce qualifications and programmes provide you with a broad theoretical and practical understanding of business and management, as well as more specialist knowledge in the core subject areas of the degree you choose. We offer Bachelor of Commerce degrees in Accounting, Marketing Management, Human Resource Management, Tourism Management, Law, as well as a Bachelor of Business Administration. We also offer an Honors degree in Business Management. These degrees will develop your understanding of the key disciplines associated with commerce. You will also cover subject areas such as Business English, Computer Skills, Business Law and Quantitative Techniques (research), all critical to a broader understanding of business and economics.

For those of you that want to go directly into business with a solid understanding of the law, our BCom (Law) offers you the best of both worlds, as you will develop a solid understanding of commercial and legal subject areas. You will develop theoretical and practical experience in a choice of core commercial modules such as Business Management, Financial Management and Human Resource Management and a range of law subjects. In addition you complete Work Integrated Learning (WIL) in your third year, all preparing you for the real world of work. If you decide you would like to practise law, this degree is an excellent pathway to a Bachelor of Laws (LLB).

With our focus on Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL), interactive lecture-led learning and assessment based on applicable industry issues, we ensure that you are ready to navigate the world of work. Our strong associations with industry and the legal profession translate into degrees that are highly relevant and career orientated. Studying law at PI is also exciting as you do pro bono (voluntary) work at the PI Legal Advice and Training Centre and you compete in moot court activities (debates about hypothetical legal cases).

By studying commerce or law with us, you will get the opportunity to develop skills essential to the modern workplace, such as critical thinking, logical reasoning, making ethical judgements, analysing and interpreting practical problems and the use of technology. Our unique approach also ensures that you develop important skills and behaviours like collaborating with others and communication.