Bachelor of Science in Biomedicine

About this degree

The BSc (Biomedicine) prepares you for work in the dynamic and rapidly advancing world of biomedical science and technology.

This is an extremely demanding yet highly rewarding qualification. You will develop a broad theoretical foundation in human physiology, molecular biology, microbiology and pharmacology, with an emphasis on application based research and the use of technology. You will cover a range of applied-biology core modules such as Applied Chemistry, Immunology, Biopharmaceutical Marketing and Medical Biotechnology. You will also cover subjects such as Computer Skills, Mathematics for Science Students, Quantitative Techniques and Clinical Trials.

We offer you an environment that combines theory, research and practical application. In addition, we have excellent facilities such as computer and science labs and quality lecture rooms. We ensure that you graduate with essential work skills such as critical and analytical thinking, effective problem solving, collaborating in teams and communicating effectively.

Does the thought of solving the biomedical challenges of the twenty-first century inspire you? Are you eager to put on a lab coat and figure out how the cells of the human, animal and plant kingdom work? Then our BSc (Biomedicine) is perfect for you.

Start exploring the world through a microscope.