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At Pearson Institute of Higher Education our commitment to providing accessible higher education extends to providing study locations that are most convenient for you.

We have 12 campuses situated in major economic hubs across South Africa. This gives our students access to everything an urban environment has to offer, including affordable public transport, accommodation and leisure activities. Our strategic locations are no coincidence. Because we offer career-focused qualifications and programmes that prepare you for the world of work, being in the right location means that you can complete an internship, seek employment or start your own business in the environment where which you are already established.

We also know that you live in a world that’s on the move, so if you need to relocate during your studies, you can continue with your qualification or programme at one of our other campuses, provided that the programme is offered at that campus and that you follow the necessary procedures.

You can expect the same academic excellence from all our campuses, however each location offers selected qualifications and different programme specific facilities. All our campuses have something unique to offer.

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