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Monday to Friday: 08:00 - 16:30

Our Campus Facilities

The highlight of the Nelspruit campus is the canteen that’s located on the rooftop, which has an amazing view of the Louweld.

On-Campus Activities

Students can choose to join our local soccer team or partake in multiple other activities on campus. The SRC arranges all of our events, some of which include student lunch dates where everyone can mingle and meet new people.

Campus Security

Our campus has a security guard at the reception area as well as an access controlled gate that allows the students to feel completely safe on campus.

Student Parking

The campus has parking bays in front of the building with security guards keeping an eye on them while you are not around. There is also a parking lot 20 meters from the campus where students can park.

The Campus Location

The Nelspruit campus is situated on a quiet street and has a shopping center next to it.

Student Activities in the Area

Nelspruit has 2 malls with great activities like the movie theater, ice rink, shopping and more. We also have an indoor sports arena that offers cricket, soccer, and netball.

Transport Options

The campus is close to the bus depot as well as the local taxi depot. Transport is available throughout the day and is walking distance away.

Why Our Campus Is Unique

The Nelspruit campus’s amazing views and it’s quiet location is what makes it so unique.