What is a foundation programme

Knowledge and education are the keys to a secure and prosperous future, which is why the Pearson Institute offers pre-degree courses and foundation programmes. From our position as a leading provider of foundation programmes in South Africa, we are able to offer students a second chance to meet higher learning entrance requirements and pursue their careers. Our foundation programmes are specifically designed to build on a high school education and to use this as a platform from which to spring right into higher education.

Pre-degree certificates and programmes are designed for motivated and driven students who wish to pursue a tertiary education. These courses consist of core subjects including:
Student Skills
Academic English
Development Studies and
Introduction to Computer Skills
A selection of two faculty-specific modules from our wide range of options

As a whole, these provide students with the skills and theoretical knowledge needed to succeed in higher education. Each of the Pearson Institutes faculties are included in these courses, as this broad range of subjects provides a well-rounded education and skill set. Such programmes are offered at selected Pearson campuses.

Our foundation programme is not merely concerned with academic knowledge, but also fully prepares a student for the work ethic, commitment and resourcefulness which encourage academic success. Our foundational programme offers foundations for behaviour, learning how to learn, researching and self-efficacy. Our supportive environment makes use of small tutorials and Technology Enhanced Learning, which enables our staff to offer the directed and personal attention which encourages success.

A foundation or pre-degree programme will thus not merely provide a student with access to higher education, but will equip them with the appropriate skills to be a superior student.